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Original PHP Trail Guide, "The Original Guide" contains the 16 Talking Points arranged by season, is formatted for printing two-pages per talking point, and is amenable to making a booklet. This version of the Talking Points has not been updated since publication

San Antonio Natural Areas and Linear Creekways Guide,

This guide contains an updated version of the original 16 Talking Points.  Also, there are many ADDITIONAL TALKING POINTS included.  Each Talking has been updated, formatted for tablet and smart phone as well as PC, and is not in as print-friendly a format as the Original Guide.  Finally, there is a list of more detailed resources which certain of the Talking Points link to.

Hardy Children's Guides for Families and Educators

This link takes you a series of children’s guides including one explaining ecological concept; a child’s version of the original 16 Talking Points; nature guides for Preschool, Knd to 3rd, and 4th to 6th; and additional family and educator resources.

Starting Out Wild--SOW

Starting Out Wild is a program for teaching about nature to children 1-6, designed to be used by naturalist educators, teachers, and families. The program consists of 1) materials on how to use the curriculum, 2 ) lesson plans, and 3) all the necessary resources-- including songs, stories, puppets, projects, slide shows, and handouts,--for teaching each lesson, is available below for downloading.